Public Service Announcement Policy

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Titan Radio and WCN are possible for non-profit organizations that are in or near the New Wilmington area. Events must be open to the general public, and cannot be for any type of lottery that includes a prize, chance, and consideration.

Announcements may or may not be aired depending upon the event and broadcast time and/or staff availability. WCN and Titan Radio reserve the right to decide whether any announcement is air worthy.

Complete event information should be emailed a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to titanradio@westminster.edu , faxed to 724-946-7070, or mailed to WWNW FM, Box 89, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA 16172.

Complete information includes:

· Event name

· Event benefactor

· Event location

· Event date(s)

· Event start and end time(s)

· End date for the Public Service Announcement

· If the event is free, please mention this. If it is not free, do not list ticket prices.

· Event details

· Event contact person

· Event website, contact phone number, and/or address